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Today I went to a Hibachi grill with my uncle, mom, and little brother. It was around 9pm and it was raining out. When i got there and went to get my first plate i almost ran into this man who looked to be about 40 with a grayish black, short ponytail. His hair was really messy and his clothes were dirty, but he was really nice. He backed up and let me walk by. After eating in my booth for a while i couldnt help but notice the laughter coming from across the room. It was the man i almost an into with his wife and little girl. The little girl looked to be about 3 or 4 years old with a big pink polka dot sunhat on. I thought that was silly since it was a rainy night but it was really cute. The little girl seemed so happy. A little later my uncle was looking over at the man and laughing. The man had put on his daughters sunhat and the little girl had on her father’s baseball hat that didnt fit her head so it fell over her eyes. But she was laughing so loudly along with the dad while she was trying to stand up in the booth. The family just seemed so happy and it was unusual to me. They didnt seem to have money and the parents seemed old but they lit up the whole room. The man was joking with all the waitresses and the family just seemed so genuinely happy. I dont know why this effected me so much but i want to be more like that father with his family. Genuinely happy…